Bridge From Special K

Bridge From Special K

Bridge from Special K lets you play bridge versus the computer
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License type: Shareware

If you’re a bridge player, than you probably know how hard it is to find a bridge game that offers decent opponents and an enjoyable gameplay experience. Bridge From Special K is what I would call a mediocre bridge game.

Let’s start off with the graphics since they are the first thing that you notice. I know that bridge games aren’t about special effects and breath-taking panoramas, but you would think that 2014 software could at least have a window that can be resized. Furthermore, the in-game sounds are also pretty bad.

As far as bidding systems go, the application only offers two: standard and ACOL along with a grand total of three conventions: Stayman, Blackwood and Culbertson. The one thing that I actually liked in this section is the fact that you can customize your partner’s bidding behavior, making him either more aggressive or more conservative.

Both your partner and the opponents bid decently, but in the few games that I’ve played, the computer controlled opponents were terrible when it came to defense plays, allowing me to get away with murder on several bids. The “bidding box” (more like a bidding screen) is terribly designed and there is no claim option, so you will just have to play all the tricks even if the end result is as clear as day light. As a pale consolation, I actually liked the bid explanations given whenever you requested them.

As far as I’m concerned, Bridge From Special K is clearly not worth its price and there are several bridge programs which are much better. So, if all you were looking for was an enjoyable bridge game, I suggest searching elsewhere. Maybe try BBO?

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • You can customize your partner’s bidding behavior
  • The bid explanations are quite nice
  • The card table color is customizable


  • The interface cannot be resized and full screen is always used
  • Looks very outdated
  • Rather annoying in-game sounds
  • Only 2 bidding systems
  • There is no claim option for the bidding box
  • Pricey
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